[Noisebridge-discuss] why is sleeping at noisebridge a problem?

Charles Tang cjtang1 at asu.edu
Fri Mar 7 01:58:11 UTC 2014

I am not wrong, as discourse constructs reality. You are just a part of the
binary in the matrix. Your words become part of this rhetorical framework
that constitute the remainder of reality.

1. The assertion in your discourse was that schizophrenics are "Crazy"
2. "Crazy" is a means to dismiss one's individual reality, within the
situated context of of their identity.
3. You did become an over-night doctor, as you cited some medical journal
and asserted the claim that people who "do not sleep" "become"
"schizophrenic." I really should hope that you don't start citing case law,
as that seems to be the norm these days with the ever so litigious
4. You tied the discourse to "sleepers." We all know how that functions in
the space.
5. If you are right in asserting that one can become agitated when messed
with you are correct. This happens to normal people too.
6. People have mentioned gaslighting. What would happen to you if everyday
was a gaslighting struggle, when your own mind does it to yourself and you
can't stop it.

And much of this exists, and is real. Cosplayconspir was on my credit
report. Thanks for the support guys. I lost my fucking job and I can't pay

On 6 March 2014 17:50, Jake <jake at spaz.org> wrote:

> Charles you have assumed too much about me.  I never said that people
> should be strapped to beds or given drugs they don't consent to, although I
> do think there are extreme situations where strapping someone down is
> better (for them) than the alternative.
> Also you're wrong suggesting that I "stigmatize, become a doctor over
> night and tell those who tried that they are unworthy for whatever reason."
> I am not going to try to discuss this with you further but I felt the need
> to clarify my position after you misrepresented me.
> The video you linked was good but I think people should watch her TED talk
> instead of the interview about the TED talk.
> -jake
> On Thu, 6 Mar 2014, Charles Tang wrote:
>  Your ideology is what causes people to be strapped to beds for weeks,
>> filled up with drugs they don't consent to.
>> Just because they don't all exist on your margins of normalcy doesn't
>> give you the right to stigmatize, become a doctor over night and tell those
>> who tried that they are
>> unworthy for whatever reason.
>> The mafia is in town.
>> On 6 March 2014 17:22, Charles Tang <cjtang1 at asu.edu> wrote:
>>       http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=h7WM6XFkxWw
>> On 6 March 2014 17:14, Jake <jake at spaz.org> wrote:
>>       Hannah wrote:
>>             Jake: Try to avoid using ablist language like "crazy" in the
>> future or
>>             using "schizophrenic" as a catch-all term for undesirable.
>>  Not Cool.
>> Hannah i think you are too quick to judge and too slow to read.  I cited
>> an article about a link between lack of sleep and the causes of
>> schizophrenia, which is an
>> actual illness despite your euphemisms like "neurotypical".
>> Mental illness is not imaginary, or simply a lack of political
>> correctness.  People who hurt themselves (or others) because their mind is
>> playing cruel tricks on
>> them are not doing it because people are judging them for being
>> different, but because (in some cases) their brain is not getting enough
>> autophagy.  This may be
>> because of the way they were born, or it may simply be because they are
>> not sleeping enough.
>> If you don't understand the meaning of the term "acting crazy" i suggest
>> you visit a mental hospital for a while and tell me the term has no
>> meaning.  You're the
>> ablist here.
>> -jake
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