[Noisebridge-discuss] Makerfaire and Call for Help from Twin Cities

Madelynn Martiniere mmartiniere at gmail.com
Tue May 6 22:24:37 UTC 2014

Hey, Bay Area Makers!

We're all getting geared up for Makerfaire, hope to see many of you 
there! Got this email from a fellow maker hailing from Twin City Makers 
looking for a place to crash in the bay area for the 'Faire, and 
extending the same offer to anyone visiting Minneapolis.

Help a hacker out and spread the word?


Greetings! My name is Becca Steffen, and I am a board member and the 
President of Twin Cities Maker @ The Hack Factory, a maker/hacker space 
out of Minneapolis, MN. I'm reaching out to you to ask a favor and get 
some information.

I am planning to be at the Bay Area Maker Faire (for something related 
to the Ultimate Maker Vehicle Challenge.. though I cannot give many 
details) with one of my fellow board members, and we are trying to 
figure out a place to stay. We fly in the night of Friday, May 16th and 
fly back to Minneapolis early in the morning on  Monday, May 19th.

So, the favor that I'm asking is that if you could spread the word among 
your membership and see if anyone has a place or knows of a place that 
two makers from Minneapolis could crash for a few nights, especially if 
it is close to San Mateo (since we won't have a car). Likewise, I'm 
extending the offer to Noisebridge folks that should they ever find 
themselves in the Minneapolis area, that they should feel welcome to 
utilize our space and we'll find them a place to stay.

Any assistance you could give us is greatly appreciated. Also, if you'd 
like to meet up with us for lunch/coffee/cocktail at some point during 
the weekend, I'd love to make a connection with you and your space!

Becca Steffen
TC Maker

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