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Scott Keiller SKeiller at ucreative.ac.uk
Wed May 7 10:33:37 UTC 2014

The Centre for Sustainable Design at the University for the Creative Arts, Farnham, UK (www.cfsd.org.uk<http://www.cfsd.org.uk>) is undertaking research on Maker, Hacker  and Fixer communities around the world. As part of this work, we are interested in understanding more about Hackerspaces, the motivations of the people involved, the types of activities undertaken and expectations of how Hackerspaces might change in the future.

I would be very grateful if you could help by completing the questionnaire in the link below (click on link or copy and paste link into browser). Please also feel free to post the survey on your Facebook page or send to others involved in your or other Hackerspaces.


If you would like a summary of the global results in mid-June please provide your return email address at Question 1 of the survey.

Furthermore, we will draw one questionnaire respondent (who has provided an email address) at random after the survey is closed to offer one free place at our annual conference, Sustainable Innovation 2014 (now in its 19th year) to be held Nov 3rd and 4th at KADK, Copenhagen, Denmark (usual cost for non-profits is £360). Please note though that the free place only covers the conference fee, and does not cover any other costs ie travel and accommodation.

The survey closes on May 16th - It should only take about ten minutes to complete.

I apologise that the questionnaire is only available in English - I do not have the resources to translate into other languages.

Thank you very much for your help.

Kind regards

Scott Keiller
The Centre for Sustainable Design®
University for the Creative Arts

Twitter: @CFSD_UCA

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