[Noisebridge-discuss] cron job email or real event?

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Thu May 8 07:47:31 UTC 2014

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From: "Naomi Most" <pnaomi at gmail.com>

>I am asking because I want to see if/how Jake's perspective has 
>changed, and whether he's aware of what's already changed in a 
>direction that he might like.

Naomi, i'd sure like to know what's changed for the better:

-Tonight i went to NB to look for some mosfets. There were piles upon 
piles of garbage mixed with useful parts all over the floor, worst i've 
ever seen it (some dedicated Members cleaned and organized not long 
ago-- all gone to crap).
-A non-member has, for a couple weeks or longer, been systematically 
digging through EVERYTHING in the Member stacks, taking what he wants, 
and leaving the rest all over the floor of the member stacks. It's now a 
complete disaster in there.
-All the component storage cleanup and organizing i did over several 
weeks has also gone to crap. Useful stuff mixed with random junk all 
over the floor, parts completely disorganized.
-A HACKER came to solder some cables (poor fool). He searched for solder 
amidst the piles of garbage for half an hour and, hey, found a couple of 
-I met a woman who informed me that she could not get a bed at a 
shelter, so she came to Noisebridge.
-Various other non-hacking non-members were hanging out.
-I heard there's a new Kitchen Working Group, peopled by non-hacking, 
non-member kitchen-users (appointed, Vee said, by Gregory Dillon). 
Gregory, i suggest you also create a group called "Sleeping Taskforce"-- 
you can appoint some squatters.
-Vee said "people who use the kitchen have laptops-- isn't that 
-I watched as a Member stretched an electric extension cord across a 
walkway (I guess he missed the email about not doing that).

So please tell us Naomi, where is the positive change you mentioned. I 
can't see it.

JAKE, is this change in the direction you'd like? Ready to come back??

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