[Noisebridge-discuss] Problem: individuals digging through Member shelves

Naomi Most pnaomi at gmail.com
Thu May 8 16:55:35 UTC 2014

Johny reported:

"A non-member has, for a couple weeks or longer, been systematically
digging through EVERYTHING in the Member stacks, taking what he wants,
and leaving the rest all over the floor of the member stacks. It's now
a complete disaster in there."

#0 - is this a Problem?  [I'd say so, yes.]

#1 - what should we do to prevent this?

#2 - if it can't be prevented, what should we do to address this?

Is it actually relevant that this was a non-member?  In what way would
the issue be different if they were Members?

Why has this been going on for "a couple weeks or longer" and we're
only hearing about it on the list buried in a completely irrelevant


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