[Noisebridge-discuss] yes, virginia, there is a Kitchen Working Group

Naomi Most pnaomi at gmail.com
Thu May 8 17:10:34 UTC 2014

Johny wrote:

"I heard there's a new Kitchen Working Group, peopled by non-hacking,
non-member kitchen-users (appointed, Vee said, by Gregory Dillon).
Gregory, i suggest you also create a group called "Sleeping
Taskforce"-- you can appoint some squatters."

I encouraged the creation of this group as a way to deal with the kitchen.

"-Various other non-hacking non-members were hanging out."
"-Vee said "people who use the kitchen have laptops-- isn't that hacking?"

Johny, do you REALLY want to take on the concept of "Noisebridge is
for hackers, and non-hackers shouldn't be here?"


Because if you do, you will have to come to the Noisebridge meetings
and bring this up for discussion at several successive meetings, where
these "non-hackers" have been consistently contributing their time and

You'll probably also have to make a campaign of coming to the space
and bullying these people to make them stay away.

You'll also have to propose a way to keep the space healthy and
cared-for by "hackers" that actually has a decent chance of


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