[Noisebridge-discuss] Problem: messy electronics area

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Thu May 8 18:06:52 UTC 2014

0.  yes, it is a problem because:
- when regulars who want to use these resources come to find a mess, it is
harder for them to both start and complete their desired tasks/projects
- when newcomers who want to use these resources come to find a mess, it is
much harder for them to feel comfortable working in the space, harder for
them to start/continue their work, and the likelihood that they will give
up and go elsewhere or just leave is also much higher.

1.  One cannot completely avoid entropy, however, it is entirely possible
to keep an area of frequently used parts in reasonably good order.  Good
signage can do a lot to keep a large portion of users mindful of their
contributions. I wonder if it is worth it to data-gather over a period of
time to see what events are correlated with the electronics area becoming
messy...is it always after in-space events that use the electronics? is it
because some random rifles through the stuff in the middle of the night? is
it just entropy over time?  perhaps a log with photos (that don't include
people) taken every day over a period of a week or two weeks would provide
some insight.

2.  As we the space are very subject to the Tragedy of the Commons, or that
what belongs to everyone is owned by no one, a small dedicated group should
be able to take ownership of the electronics area and own and champion the
maintenance, organization and updating of same.  this group's ownership
should express quality on the part of the group, and should be lauded and
supported by the community at large in various ways such as cleaning help,
donations, and generally making an effort to not fuck things up
unnecessarily.  In the meantime, volunteers who do go out of their way to
singly play the difficult role that a dedicated group should be playing,
should similarly be supported and lauded by the community.

On Thu, May 8, 2014 at 10:02 AM, Naomi Most <pnaomi at gmail.com> wrote:

> Johny reported:
> "All the component storage cleanup and organizing i did over several
> weeks has also gone to crap. Useful stuff mixed with random junk all
> over the floor, parts completely disorganized."
> #0: is this a problem?  [yes, i'd say so]
> #1: What should we do to prevent this?
> #2: If it can't be prevented, how should we address it when it arises?
> Does it seem as though we are all relying on a few heroic martyrs to
> keep the whole space together?
> How can we do better about protecting various areas so we can enjoy
> them on as continuous a basis as possible?
> It seems unreasonable to expect that Noisebridge will never get messy.
>  It is also unreasonable to expect random bursts of individual
> motivation to keep a space as large and dense as ours in good working
> order.  Too much stuff, too many people.
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