[Noisebridge-discuss] cron job email or real event?

Naomi Most pnaomi at gmail.com
Fri May 9 01:46:42 UTC 2014

> "i have brought this up at countless Noisebridge meetings"

I mean LATELY.  Sorry, you don't get points for meetings you went to
in the past, not around here.

The community changes, the situation changes, the people with energy
to spare wax all wax and wane.

Your angry reactions to my innocent question -- which I asked JAKE,
not you -- are all too telling.

I never said you haven't done ANYTHING Johny.  I know you do a lot for
the space.

In fact, you do too much.  Far more than anyone else.  It's causing
you -- and many others following this same pattern -- to come to
resent everyone around them who can't or won't do quite as much.
You're overdue for burnout, if you feel you haven't burnt out already.

I'm really tired of seeing people martyr themselves at Noisebridge.
That's what I'm trying to fix.

Anything we may have discussed or tried in the past obviously hasn't
worked, because if it did, you probably wouldn't give a damn about a
small handful of "non-hackers" in the space.


ps. You might want to go back over the years of Meeting Notes and
notice I am in attendance at a lot of them, except for most of 2012
when I was living in Oakland and going to sudo room 95% of the time.
But, so what?

On Thu, May 8, 2014 at 6:28 PM, Johny Radio <johnyradio at gmail.com> wrote:
> From: "Naomi Most" <pnaomi at gmail.com>
>> >>I admit to being fairly annoyed at Johny's post (and yours, a little).
>> >> The reason I am annoyed is that there's a pattern of
>> >> complaining-without-doing that I would like to break.
> Naomi, if i was guilty of that, you'd have a right to be annoyed.
> But i believe i've done quite a LOT, so i REALLY FUCKING resent your
> implication, Naomi, that i complain with doing.
> Jake too has done a great deal to try and improve the situation. How
> insulting to Jake for you to imply otherwise.
> Apparently you don't realize my efforts:
>     -I gathered Mitch Altman and 10 Noisebridgers last month for a 3-hour
> meeting to template Working Groups.
>     -Put a lot of time and work into organizing several Noisebridge
> Orchestra concerts, in which MANY Noisebridgers collaborated, to promote
> Noisebridge community. We performed at two Noisebridge fundraisers.
>     -Participated in NUMEROUS nb cleanups in groups and by myself, for
> years.
>         http://youtu.be/qaiPZTtgEeY
> https://plus.google.com/photos/103915516001697169261/albums/5976325860479271009
>     -Participated Tuesday meetings aplenty.
>     -Organized numerous events and classes at noisebridge for years. My
> event 2 weeks ago brought 40 people to Noisebridge.
>         https://noisebridge.net/wiki/NoiseHack
>         https://noisebridge.net/wiki/Theremin
>     -Got parts donated to NB from Instructables.com
> http://blog.noisebridge.net/2013/12/18/noisebridgers-make-novel-method-to-cycle-leds/
>     -Organizing a demo and training of a new CNC mill donated to Noisebridge
> by Inventables.com (May 15, 7pm)
>     -Created music-hacking and audio-hacking community resources
> https://noisebridge.net/wiki/Songbridge#Linux_Music_Production_Distros
>         https://noisebridge.net/wiki/Web_Sound_Toys
>     -Started a new NB mailing list with over 100 subscribers
>         https://www.noisebridge.net/mailman/listinfo/sound-hacks
>     -Cleaned bathrooms.
>     -Produced a series of hacker spoken-word interviews (when others TALKED
> about Noisebridge radio, but never actually produce any)
>         https://noisebridge.net/wiki/SpokenWord
>     -Donated money every month to NB for 3 years.
>     -I'm organizing a Noisebridge fundraiser (May 31, 7pm).
> Your statement below shows you have no fucking clue. Jake has made his
> feelings crystal clear on this list for years. That you would suggest
> anything has improved AT ALL, let alone improved enough for Jake to return,
> shows how fucking out-of-touch you are.
> From: "Naomi Most" <pnaomi at gmail.com>
>>>I am asking because I want to see if/how Jake's perspective has changed,
>>> and whether he's aware of what's already changed in a direction that he
>>> might like.
> From: "Naomi Most" <pnaomi at gmail.com>
> To: "Jake" <jake at spaz.org>
>>>Well, thanks for clearing off your shelf
> You should not be THANKING Jake, you should be LAMENTING that Noisebridge
> has lost one of it's most valuable participants.
> From: "Naomi Most" <pnaomi at gmail.com>
>>>Johny, do you REALLY want to take on the concept of "Noisebridge is for
>>> hackers, and non-hackers shouldn't be here?" Because if you do, you will
>>> have to come to the Noisebridge meetings
> Goddammit Naomi, i have brought this up at countless Noisebridge meetings,
> for years, and i did not notice you there.

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