[Noisebridge-discuss] cron job email or real event?

Johny Radio johnyradio at gmail.com
Fri May 9 02:49:45 UTC 2014

From: "Johny Radio" <johnyradio at gmail.com>
 >>I pointed out that my cleanups were trashed by others NOT to complain, 
but to point out the dysfuction of Noisebridge.

and to point out that Adrian Chadd's recommendation to "just do it" is 
absurd. When people "just do it", and then others "just shit on it", 
then people stop doing it. And then they leave Noisebridge, as so many 
have. And what's left are those who just shit on everything.

When Adrian says "fuck authority", that really means "fuck community". 
People use "fuck authority" at Noisebridge as an excuse not to clean up 
after themselves.

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