[Noisebridge-discuss] cron job email or real event?

Jake jake at spaz.org
Fri May 9 03:26:01 UTC 2014

This reply is to both of you, and everyone:

this email list is not here for you to criticise other people or talk 
about how great you are.  if you are doing that, whether you realize it or 
not, please stop.

if you feel that someone has maligned you, intentionally or not, resist 
the urge to defend your honor in front of the audience you think you have 
here.  Instead, please try to limit your messages to productive and 
positive suggestions of ways you think noisebridge can improve.

if you need to talk negatively about something, which is not uncommon when 
looking for ways to make positive change, please try to phrase the problem 
in a gentle way and be realistic about it.  blasting things out as the 
worst thing ever is a form of crying wolf and will get you and the entire 
list ignored.

and finally, remember that if you have a disagreement with someone on this 
list and seek to defeat them in conversation, you are turning this very 
valuable forum for discussion into a cockfighting ring for your own 
purposes, and that is a horrible thing to do whether someone calls you out 
for it or not.

stop it.


On Fri, 9 May 2014, Johny Radio wrote:

> Jake, i must respond:
> From: "Naomi Most" <pnaomi at gmail.com>
>> I mean LATELY. Sorry, you don't get points for meetings you went to
>> in the past, not around here.
> i have gone to meetings lately. You do not know what the hell you are talking 
> about. You're just making shit up.
>> Your angry reactions to my innocent question -- which I asked JAKE, not you 
>> -- are all too telling.
> Yes, they are telling that i do not appreciate people making false statements 
> about me.
>> I never said you haven't done ANYTHING Johny. I know you do a lot for the 
>> space. In fact, you do too much. Far more than anyone else. It's causing 
>> you -- and many others following this same pattern -- to come to resent 
>> everyone around them who can't or won't do quite as much. You're overdue 
>> for burnout, if you feel you haven't burnt out already.
> You accused me of complaining without doing anything. Now you're accusing me 
> of doing too much. What the fucking hell?
> Please do not fucking psychoanalyze me. I do not resent anyone, except people 
> who accuse me of shit. And it's not your place to dictate to me how much or 
> little i should do. I can worry about my own fucking burnout, thanks.
>>  I'm really tired of seeing people martyr themselves at Noisebridge.
> i'm not a martyr, Naomi. I contribute to the space willingly and happily, and 
> without resentment. I pointed out that my cleanups were trashed by other NOT 
> to complain, but to point out the dysfuction of Noisebridge.

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