[Noisebridge-discuss] why i am complaining

batkid at gmx.com batkid at gmx.com
Fri May 9 14:36:30 UTC 2014

I believe Johnny spends a lot of time constructively contributing to the space.  

I just went through the mailing list archives, and noted the order of your replies to his messages, and the
order they would be received in, and the order they would appear in the archives.

I appreciate the fact you sent several public replies to his messages, but in your very first reply,
you dismiss all of his concerns as being thinly veiled individually criticisms of people he has a problem with.

I can completely understand why he would interpret this as a personal attack. 

Sometimes one well thought out reply instead of 10 small replies is better, this is email, not a threaded forum or IRC.

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