[Noisebridge-discuss] why i am complaining

Oren Beck orenbeck at gmail.com
Fri May 9 17:13:42 UTC 2014

Ok- I 've been "Lurking" and am flickering between admiration to DISGUST.

Simple facts are Simple.  Don't be an ass is apparently a forgotten rule. I
hold that it often is the dark side of Be Excellent. Excellent is a
positive- Don't be an ass is an admonition to NOT BE NEGATIVE. And if it's
unclear as to which people I feel  are asses or Excellent- ASK ME off

A few% of folks are physically/Hands-On doing 99% of what makes a space

Another few of us are vicarious or spiritual entanglement in the Karma of
Noisebridge-doing what we can from a distance as we can...

Another few % are indefensible trolls or other species of Sheer Bad Karma.
And from that- comes my contribution to the constructive dialog we SHOULD
be redirecting towards .

EVERY decision you make with regard to Noisebridge has an embedded question
of LITERAL EXISTENTIAL WEIGHT in it. Yes, this Is.really.that.heavy a
weight on everyone involved.  If we cannot have a Troll Hunt, at least we
can hopefully displace the trollery by good work

ASK if what you are contemplating is for or against the best interests of
Noisebridge.  If you're uncertain to yourself= ask others FIRST.  You can
appear an idiot for asking- or remove all doubt- by being an ass.

Don't be an ass, Eh?

Oren Beck


On Fri, May 9, 2014 at 11:48 AM, Johny Radio <johnyradio at gmail.com> wrote:

> batkid at gmx.com wrote:
> >>I believe Johnny spends a lot of time constructively contributing to the
> space.
> Thanks batkid.
> I set up the Boosters project to give recognition to EVERYONE who
> contributes.
> https://noisebridge.net/boosters
> It appears someone named fnord added "trolling" as an accomplishment.
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