[Noisebridge-discuss] class / community giving idea: Build Your Own Computer

Oren Beck orenbeck at gmail.com
Sat May 10 07:11:31 UTC 2014

Very Excellent Proposal,  My bedrock contrib is suggesting the OS be Puppy
5.7 for a ton of reasons.

I did a similar project some years ago on a smaller scale, and setting up a
process workflow with some fixtures made a lot of time/labor sense.
Including PSU Clean&Test plans. Ranges from some of the DX cheapo pass/fail
light boxes up to proper load volt&current monitors.

A dewatered shop air hose and a shop vac hose modded so the air blower
nozzle shoots from the hose end makes the blow&suck process waayless messy.
for  cases and psu's both...

Stuff like making  a drive wipe/OS install workstation with whatever is
appropriate for your scope of work could be a joy or pain path choice.
Same with PXE boot servers for Puppy...

It also depends on how much trade off is conceived between the built it
from a random pile grab or pre-tested astat bagged bits extremes. Or the
often common- grab a computer from the stack knowing only that it was
drivescrubbed with a DBAN  CD etc and maybe, maybe also tested with a puppy
CD or Flashdrive.  Drives can be pre-loaded with Puppy to save time... Or
have it in separate classes- Begins with cleanup>test add giblets as

Don't forget- a lot of corporate boxen these days are a hella lot
integrated= few swappable cards.

Call my basic riff as angles on a  meme of your data lives in the cloud-
flashdrive is just a local Puppy Boot Tool.

Closing thought- A Puppy PXE boot server at Hackerspaces- NB could Lead By

Oren Beck


On Fri, May 9, 2014 at 12:00 PM, Naomi Most <pnaomi at gmail.com> wrote:

> Hi everybody,
> I had an idea that might inspire some of you.  It's inspiring to me,
> although there are some ducks that would have to be lined up for this
> to work.
> The idea for this class would be to help people put together a working
> computer, from scratch, using parts that were donated to Noisebridge.
> I always love being able to come away from a class with something
> tangible -- I think that's one of the reasons Circuit Hacking Mondays
> continues to be a hit.
> So the idea here would be to get people who probably haven't had the
> experience of building a computer from parts, before, and help them do
> so.
> AND I thought it would appeal to both Noisebridge and to the class
> attendees to have the option of donating the built computer to a
> nearby shelter, nonprofit, school, etc.
> Prep work would have to include:
> * Sorting donations and setting aside as many intact PC components as
> possible.
> * Keeping the hack shelves relatively organized (a B- grade would be
> sufficient).
> * Checking the compatibility of the available components to make sure
> no one ends up needing a PCI video card that isn't in evidence (for
> example).
> * All the usual things that go into a class (getting the word out,
> setting the schedule, etc).
> This idea may not be doable right away, given the general
> disorderliness of the hack shelves and the question of what we
> actually have on hand.
> But I am going to keep this idea in mind in the event that we receive
> a large-ish donation and the opportunity becomes clear.
> If this idea appeals to you, too, let me know, or comment on this
> list.  If you feel the need to reply anything of the form, "we've
> tried this before", or "what a joke"... don't.
> Cheers,
> Naomi
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