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I'm forwarding this from Lisa, who sent this to our Announce list, instead of our Discussion list.  FYI, Noisebridge will again be having an Aaron Swartz Hackathon on 8-November.

Hi Noisebridge Folks :-)

I wanted to make sure you all knew about the "Aaron Swartz Day and
International Hackathon" events going on all over the world - and right
here in San Francisco.

First, on Saturday AND Sunday, at the beautiful Internet Archive (300
Funston Ave, San Francisco) there's a hackathon going on from 11am-6pm.
Food and Beverages will be provided and yes! there will be vegan options:

Then that night, a big celebration - with wine and goodies at 6pm (always
vegan options), awesome speakers at 7pm, and a special screening, with
Director Brian Knappenberger there in person, of "The Internet's Own Boy"
at 8pm (*and* doing Q & A after the movie at 9:45).

Speakers (7pm) include Dan Purcell from Aaron's legal team, Garrett
Robinson and James Dolan from SecureDrop, Cindy Cohn from EFF, Kevin
Poulsen re: FOIA case to have Aaron's FBI and Secret Service files
released, and more. Here's the invite with all the speakers:

Finally, after the movie Q & A, keep the conversation going, and start
planning your hackathon projects for Sunday, just a few blocks from the
Internet Archive down Clement Street at Pizza Orgasmica (823 Clement St,
San Francisco) where the afterparty will be going on from 10:30pm-1:30am.
(Beer and pizza on the house, although we might start running out after
the first 75 or so.)

It is my hope that people will come from all around and bring their
friends for the whole weekend extravaganza! I bet I can feed as many
people as the Internet Archive can hold (300+). (Let's see how many people
the Internet Archive can hold :-)

Ok thanks for spreading the word. Getting people to think about this is as
important as the event itself. I've created a page called "Setting the
Record Straight" to help explain the facts of the case that everyone takes
for granted right now, although the media still hasn't really chosen to
clear up it's initial confusion. We'll see how it goes this time around.
Maybe it will pay better attention:



Lisa Rein

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