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Fri Nov 7 18:29:01 UTC 2014

Bay Area (Hacker's Association|Security Enthusiasts) Meeting!

2nd Sunday of every month, 2pm, at Noisebridge, in the main area.

It lasts until it's over.

It's for people interested in security, not the more general "make
stuff" kind of hacking.

Date of Meeting:
2pm (1400), 9 Nov 2014
Always second Sunday of the month at 2pm

This month we present:

Daniel Bilar


Moving Target Defenses: Assessment, Advances, Admonition and Advice

It is written in the Talmud that a person may be recognized by how he
handles alcohol, his conduct in financial matters, and his anger
("pocket, pour, pique"). In other words, behavior shown in certain
situations gives insight into character. This talk will discuss moving
target defense concepts from research drives that began in 2005, and
highlight challenges and forward-looking roadmaps.

About the Author:

Daniel is Director of Research and Senior Principal Scientist for a
boutique R & D company specializing in offensive cyber-security
supporting US DoD and IC. His wider areas are complex malware, moving
target defenses, adversarial dynamics, info ops and quantitative
compositional risk analysis / management of systems.  Daniel used to
be an assistant professor of computer science; he holds a Ph.D. in
Engineering Sciences from Dartmouth College (NH), a Master's of
Engineering in Operations Research and Industrial Engineering from
Cornell University (NY) and a Bachelor's of Arts in Computer Science
from Brown University (RI). He is a recognized SME in US Federal court
on the topics of computer security, programming, risk profiling, code
logs and general forensics.



2169 Mission St, San Francisco, CA, USA, Earth, Milky Way, Known Universe

Finding the space can be tricky; it has a red circular logo above the
otherwise inconspicuous door, and is next to a market that sells
fruit.  It is very close to 16th and Mission BART stop.  If you're
driving, leave 15-30 minutes extra to find parking due to the heavy
traffic around there.  No free street parking any more.  I recommend
the lot near 16th and Mission.


If you would like to be a speaker, or know someone who would,
please let us know.

Our Site:


Includes google calendar (never miss another meeting), directions,
link to mailing list, etc.  Please check it out.
Split a packed field and I am there; parse a line of text and you will find me.

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