[Noisebridge-discuss] Whatever is happening in the darkroom is not cool

Torrie Fischer tdfischer at hackerbots.net
Tue Nov 11 04:56:42 UTC 2014

I also noticed this sort of thing going on a day or two ago. I briefly brought 
it up for discussion with John, Henner, RAYC, and Patrick outside the Aaron 
Swartz hackathon. My perception of the consensus then was that "as long as 
they're doing hacking its okay".

I don't really agree with that sentiment and I'm glad this is being brought up 
for discussion now. Earlier today I think Rubin brought up a very good 
excellent anti-fragile solution to the issue: Transparent doors.

On Monday, November 10, 2014 06:47:33 PM Rubin Abdi wrote:
> Enclosed space, no real lights, lots of got electronics running. There is
> caution tape blocking the entrance with a wrote coming out. A radio is
> running inside. There is a box fan running unsuccessfully trying to remove
> heat. No one is presently using the space.
> With the notes on the door the room feels like a private space which I'm
> against inside of Noisebridge. Please discontinue before I remove the door
> from the doorway. Thanks.
> --
> Rubin
> rubin at starset.net

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