[Noisebridge-discuss] [Reboot]Need 8 volunteers to finish flooring this Thursday at 6pm @ Noisebridge

Joshua Carpoff joshua at carpoff.net
Wed Nov 19 20:53:42 UTC 2014

I'll be there doing this stuff with Rayc from 6p until 9p Thursday.

On Tue, Nov 18, 2014, at 21:22, James Sundquist wrote:
> Flooring work will be finished as much as possible this Thursday at
> 6pm if there are volunteers to show up and help. Church needs
> extensive help on the floor, plus sheet-rocking. We need this before
> the space can be finalized.
> We Need:
> - 4 people focused on sheet-rocking
> - 4 people focused on flooring
> - Rayc will be leading the group on Thursday.
> - Please directly respond to the Noisebridge-discuss thread if you are
>   able to help!
> - Show up ready to offer at least an hour to help!
> - Experience not necessary, but please join us if you know what you're
>   doing!
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