[Noisebridge-discuss] Safe hackerspaces mailing list

Patrick O'Doherty p at trickod.com
Tue Nov 25 06:44:04 UTC 2014

Hey all,

In the interests of collaborating with other hackerspaces on safe space
issues myself and Torrie have set up an inter-hackerspace mailing list
to share information about folks that are not welcome in spaces as a
potential warning to others.

The address is safe-hackerspaces at lists.riseup.net.

You can subscribe at riseup here:

The list is *not* intended for interpersonal issues in spaces, rather
it's meant for sharing notice of incidents where people have been asked
to leave and not return.

For this reason the list is moderated. We'd like others outside of
Noisebridge to contribute to the moderation group.

Happy hacking,


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