[Noisebridge-discuss] LoveTech GRATITUDE this Fri 11/28 w/ Edison, Rich DDT, Nonagon, doppio, Malcolm Hex & much more!

Rich Trapani sfroommate at yahoo.com
Fri Nov 28 01:42:28 UTC 2014

Hey there Noisebridge,

Happy TDay! Tomorrow night we reunite the LoveTech family at a new venue, ripe with live musicianship, collaborative jamboxes, insightful playshops, dancing, merriment and more surprises in store - please join us in Gratitude and celebration as we reignite electronic music in the making! Feat. cutting edge live electronic rock band Doppio, Edison the Controller Battle Champion doing an original live beat set without a laptop, contagious controllitar funk from Rich DDT, and the premier of the mysterious Malcolm Hex with all hardware electronics and much more!

Friday, Nov 28th, 8pm-2amat F8 1192 Folsom St @8th St✦TICKETS✦$10-15 Presale Tickets HERE
•••••Live Electronic Music•••••EDISONRICH DDTNONAGONDOPPIOMALCOLM HEX (Carson Day)
••••Digital Jam Lounge••••Moldover's ConnecTable #2CODAMEVoiceboxGratitude Tree
✫Celebrating ArtiePartie's Bithday!✫
•••Live Visuals•••Colin Sebestyen + dje + The Pineal Gland
••PlayShops••8pm Educational Playshops with the ArtistsGet an inside look at the technology, passion & inspiration of our performing musicians
✦Tickets✦$10-15 Presale Tickets HERE
•About Us•LOVETECHproduces events that elevate the art of live electronic musicianship. We showcase innovative performances and design party environments emphasizing new music technology. We catalyze community with jamboxes, playshops and interactive digital art. Our engaging experiences will blow your mind, move your body, and inspire your creative soul.RSVP to our Facebook EventJoin our Facebook Group
Love and Gratitude,Rich DDT & the LoveTech crewhttp://LoveTech.org

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