[Noisebridge-discuss] LED Wall update - 34 panels are on the way and still raising donations

James Sundquist sundquistjames at gmail.com
Fri Nov 28 19:39:46 UTC 2014

Hey all.  https://noisebridge.net/wiki/LED has been updated with Mitch
<https://noisebridge.slack.com/team/maltman23> having ordered and shipped
32 p5 16x32 panels + Dana <https://noisebridge.slack.com/team/danasf>
donating 2 panels + beaglebone black + octoscroller shield + future
<https://noisebridge.slack.com/team/hzeller> Pi programming/interface.
Donations have raised $360, but we still need to reimburse Mitch $117 for
the panels if anyone is interested in jumping in.  Details are on the wiki
page and we're excited for this wall to entertain everyone at Noisebridge.
Happy Holidays!
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