[Noisebridge-discuss] Emacs SF kickoff dinner in Church, Wed 8 April, 19:00

Ryan Rix ryan at whatthefuck.computer
Mon Apr 6 01:32:27 UTC 2015

Hi people,

I lurk a lot, and sometimes I show up at the space. A handful of
noisebridgers know me from outside the space. Some folks are trying to
set up a Meetup group for this neat little way of life called Emacs, and
rather than put off meeting up because I can't get restaurant
reservations who will split checks 20 ways, we'd like to order some
pizzas and meet up in Church this Wednesday.

I'll be at the Tuesday meeting to discuss this if folks have questions,
barring any explosions at work. If you're interested in attending,
please either join the meetup page or email me so that I make sure to
order enough pizza.



ps. I have nb-discuss filtered in to an inbox that has like 8000 unread
messages in it, it'd be super helpful if folks kept this address CC'd to
any communication <3

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