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jim jim at well.com
Mon Apr 6 03:03:20 UTC 2015

     Do you want to learn where physically to locate
various electronic components? If so, then "circuit
design" seems not what you want to learn--this has
to do essentially with making a schematic, which
shows the electron flow through components with
respect to voltage drops and component affects.
     "Component layout" may be a good search term:
this has to do with the physical location in space
that components occupy with respect mainly to
capacitive and inductive affects that components
radiate to each other.
     Below are a few search results for "printed
circuit board layout" and "electronic breadboard
layout". Does the information in these links at
least kind of address your need? (My guess is the
last one is best for you.)








On 03/16/2015 07:57 AM, Henry Lau wrote:
> Hey guys,
> I took a class at noisebridge a few weeks ago--Mitch was awesome! Can 
> stress that enough
> Unfortunately I am at a stage in my learnings that I have problems 
> growing further.
> I've learned basic soldering and setting up Arduino boards, uploading 
> programs onto the board to make lights blink etc.
> Unfortunately the way I set up the resistors / switches / wires, is by 
> following schematics from books / websites / blogs
> Most blogs / websites / books focus a lot on providing sample code, 
> which I think is actually very easy to do on your own. Most blogs / 
> websites / books do NOT tell you how to lay out resistors / voltage 
> dividors etc. correctly. You usually get a Fritz diagram that you are 
> told to follow blindly, without much explanation of the thinking 
> process the author went through to design it.
> Is there a place where I can learn about circuit design at 
> noisebridge? Or any place I should visit online?
> Thanks!
> Henry
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