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Mon Apr 6 15:26:44 UTC 2015

Henry Lau:
> Hey guys,
> I took a class at noisebridge a few weeks ago--Mitch was awesome! Can
> stress that enough
> Unfortunately I am at a stage in my learnings that I have problems growing
> further.
> I've learned basic soldering and setting up Arduino boards, uploading
> programs onto the board to make lights blink etc.
> Unfortunately the way I set up the resistors / switches / wires, is by
> following schematics from books / websites / blogs
> Most blogs / websites / books focus a lot on providing sample code, which I
> think is actually very easy to do on your own. Most blogs / websites /
> books do NOT tell you how to lay out resistors / voltage dividors etc.
> correctly. You usually get a Fritz diagram that you are told to follow
> blindly, without much explanation of the thinking process the author went
> through to design it.
> Is there a place where I can learn about circuit design at noisebridge? Or
> any place I should visit online?
> Thanks!
> Henry
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Hi Henry,

I have a similar desire to learn. If you're interested in studying a
thing, we are building an EEG Arduino shield [0] in the Neurohacking
group. It inspires me that we are able to build circuits with such small
and precise analogue filters to amplify the brain signal. I have an
intuitive belief that low signal to noise ratio demands much thought
into layout and design. I would like to transform that belief into an
understanding of the maths and physics involved. I am very interested in
studying the analogue filters and their layout on this board.


[0] http://psychiclab.net/IBVA/kit1.html
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