[Noisebridge-discuss] Circuit Hacking Monday Tonight

Torrie Fischer tdfischer at hackerbots.net
Mon Apr 6 15:55:40 UTC 2015

Hei, hackers and hacker types :3

Tonight Patrick and myself will be leading Circuit Hacking Monday at 

If you're a beginner, you can learn to solder! Make some lights blink!

Lots of cool kits!  

All designed for the total beginner to complete successfully in an evening, 
yet cool enough and intriguing enough for the total expert -- including 
(depending on what's in stock this week):
 * TV-B-Gone kit -- turn off TVs in public places -- up to 50 meters away! 
 * Brain Machine kit -- meditate, hallucinate, trip out! 
 * Trippy RGB Waves kit -- make waves of colors with your hands! 
 * Diavolino kit -- really nice Arduino clone! 
 * LoL Shield kit -- Lots of LEDs will do your bidding! 
 * "HELLO my Name Is..." Badge kit -- just like the sticker, but way geekier! 
 * MiniPOV kit -- display messages in the air!  Now also in full color! 
 * Drawdio kit -- make noise as you draw! 
 * MintyBoost kit -- recharge your phone anywhere you go (including iPhones)! 
 * Atari Punk Console kit -- simple fun music synthesizer! 
 * LEDcube kit -- low-key 3D animation display! 
 * USBtinyISP kit -- program all your microcontrollers! 
 * and more! . . . 

If you're more than beginner, come show off your latest creations!

All ages, all skill levels, all are welcome!

Circuit Hacking Monday 
30-March, 7:30pm
at Noisebridge 
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