[Noisebridge-discuss] Donating some electronic gear

Jerry Michalski jerry at sociate.com
Sat Apr 11 21:26:12 UTC 2015

Thanks for replying to my tweet! Couldn’t find on the wiki where to write an
email like this.
I’m a fan of Noisebridge, a neighbor but not a frequenter. (I also publish my
Brain online; here’s Noisebridge [https://webbrain.com/u/17bY] in there.)
As a result of some spring cleaning to simplify, I have several boxes of
electronic gear, ranging from a USB-powered flatbed LIDE scanner, a Logitech
webcam, multiple wifi routers, some USB and minijack headsets, multiple old GSM
phones, a Canon Elph camera that works but has two big degaussed dots on the
external display, multiple cables and more.
I would love to donate them to Noisebridge, but don’t want to clutter your
I also have several old laptops, but haven’t processed the hard drives so
they’re safe to pass on, so I’d skip those for now, unless you have solutions.
I can come by today or tomorrow, most any time.
Cheers, Jerry
Jerry Michalski, founder
REX [http://therexpedition.com/] : Navigating massive change together @ jerrymichalski [http://twitter.com/jerrymichalski] +1 (415) 465-0256
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