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podinski pod at xlterrestrials.org
Tue Apr 14 18:15:34 UTC 2015

Yo NOisebridgers !

Come join us for the new episode of CiTIZEN KiNO - a deep diving, cinema
hacking and psychomedia analysis event THIS THURDSAY at ATA at 992
Valencia, 8:30pm.... plus a fundraiser afterparty !
( tho it won't go super late, til midnite? )

Entrance is by donations ( suggested $7-10), no one turned away
for lack of funds ... but seating limited, recommended to come early.

the 44th episode of CiTiZEN KiNO : The Bitmaker's Afterlife
seee more below ...

greetz !

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Dear Citizens and Friends of inhabitable planets and sustaining art worlds,

This newsletter is going out to all our lists - far and wide - local and
global, because we'd like to alert you to some news that affects us all.
And a few other relevant matters...

1. CiTiZEN KiNO #44 premiere, April 16th in SF Bay
2. Fundraiser Campaign Launch
3. Big SHift Ahead, upcoming engagements


1. We invite our SF Bay Area friends to join us for the PREMIERE
of CiTiZEN KiNO #44 : The Bitmaker's Afterlife - a critical analysis of
Technotopian Delusions, the Corporate Anthropocene agendas, and the latest
Neo-Liberal acceleration of urban crises / crimes. As we provide a
platform for discussions on how to navigate these challenging environments
with new forms of collective intelligence.

C-KiNO is a mix of curated screenings, tactical media, cinema hacking,
interventionist theater and public forum...

When: Thursday APRIL 16th. 8:30pm
How much : Donations, $7-10 suggested
No one turned away for lack of funds,
but seating limited, come early.

Please spread the word ! spread the flyer ! Shout from the rooftops !

the frackbook invite ( if you're so inclined )


2. This premiere is also a LAUNCH PARTY for an official FUNDRAISER
CAMPAIGN ( Indiegogo )  on April 16th !

More info on the campaign platform and goals will be posted here in the
next days:


3. The BiG Shift ! We want to bring CiTiZEN KiNO to some important
conferences and collaborative projects ahead, and we are raising funds to
help make this media + arts + education + interventions project grow.

We are most serious about developing this project to address the looming
challenges our societies will face in the coming years, and this
will also require some new financial strategies for the XLterrestrials and
CiTiZEN KINO productions.

A brief + partial glimpse of the route ahead:

- Nordic Summer University ( on artistic research and practices),
- Chaos Communications Camp ( cutting-edge strategies in technological
realm ),
- Nomadic Village 2015 ( community arts and practices in rural eastern
europe ),
- The Paris Climate Summit ( nothing less than the struggles for the
future of life on planet earth ).

If you are interested to get involved, help financially, or just get on
our newsletter mailing list contact us at:

Pod @


XLterrestrials have been active now for 10 STRANGE YEARS !
And CiTiZEN KiNO project is nearing it's 5th year...

We thank all those who have followed and supported us this far, and we
invite all friendly organisms to join us on our continuing, expanded
path... We'll be doing some celebratory events over the next months, and
if you'd like us to come to a theater/cultural center near you, get in

in Soli,

dr. Podinski
aka Paolo Podrescu

arts + praxis organisms

twitter @podinski

If you are willing to take a deeper look at the dilemmas that
require immediate citizen engagement, and u have time, we recommend this
profound talk Naomi Klein gave in Berlin last month, now on vimeo in ENG
and DE... An excerpt of which we feature in our upcoming C-KINO #44
event(s)... some serious homework:

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