[Noisebridge-discuss] Maker Educators Meetup - tomorrow @ 6-8pm (Church classroom)

Angi Chau angichau at gmail.com
Thu Apr 16 05:25:38 UTC 2015

(in case you missed this on noisebridge-announce....)

*Short version:*
This Thursday 4/16 @ 6-8pm, a group of about 20 local Bay Area K-12
educators interested in making/tinkering will be visiting Noisebridge (2169
Mission St)! We will be gathering in the Church classroom since the class
that usually runs in there is cancelled for the week.

If you think teachers are cool (hey, I know you do!) and have 30 min to
spare on Thursday evening, please read on... would love your help showing
off Noisebridge!

*Longer version:*
I am a Noisebridge newbie who is a teacher & director of a maker lab at an
all-girls school in Palo Alto by day. Outside of my day job, I also
co-organize a series of monthly meetups for Bay Area educators (mostly
K-12) interested in bringing making/tinkering into their classrooms. We
usually meet at the Exploratorium but every so often, we like to venture
out to other cool maker spaces in SF. Please feel free to check out the
Google+ page for Bay Area Maker Educators
<https://plus.google.com/u/1/communities/112974120022463718222> for more

A couple of weeks ago at a Noisebridge Tuesday weekly meeting, I brought up
the idea to host the April meetup at Noisebridge and got the thumbs up from
everyone present. I also met J Talavera, who graciously agreed to advise me
in how to organize the event - thanks J!

*Want to help show teachers around Noisebridge?*If anyone on this list will
be at Noisebridge during this meetup time and would be willing to spend
some time hanging out with awesome local teachers, please reply back and
let me know. I'd love to find another 3-4 people to help show off the space
and all the cool things happening here.

We're thinking it might be cool to pair a small group of teachers up with a
Noisebridge regular for an informal tour and maybe even do some
show-and-tell of what you're currently working on. Open to other
suggestions, of course.

Thanks for reading and see some of you around tomorrow!
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