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Dune Harmon is introducing
the BILFlash series
next weekend! . BILFlashes are smaller, quick
and exciting events. Think of a mini-BIL in one evening. Join us!!
Visit the website link below to see how you can participate, what you
can bring, and for more event details!

Gallery, 1548 S. Central Ave, LA, CA
WHEN: Saturday, April
ENTRY: $10 between 6:30pm
- 9pm (CASH ONLY) 
  $20 after 9pm (CASH
DOORS: 6:30pm (grab
a drink before the
TALKS!: 7pm-9pm
PARTY!: 9pm-12am
CLEANUP!: 12am-1am

LA:First Flash is a private gathering in the spirit of,
but independent from, BIL Collaborative. BIL Collaborative is a
non-profit organization, currently fiscally sponsored by Home &
Community. While this event is not sponsored by H&C, all proceeds
will be given as a donation to BIL Collaborative through

DRINKS will be available
$2-8.  (CASH ONLY)  We will NOT be providing food.

There will also be LIMITED
SEATING options, so to guarantee yourself a seat, bring
one!  A beach chair, folding chair, pillow, yoga ball or

PRO-TIP: whatever you
DO bring, please label it.  The BIL Lost and Found is a treasure trove
of eclectic gadgets and wares of people who did not heed this

WOW! We were thrilled with BIL Los Angeles and
BIL Vancouver last month!  If you participated THANK
YOU for your donations, talks, artwork, music, interactive
experiences, hard work, and support.  YOU are BIL,
and it doesn't exist without you.   We are also happy to add that we
landed in the black, after all was said and done, and the few hundred
dollars left over will go into the pot for next year's BILs!
We would love to hear your thoughts on BIL California (LA) and
Vancouver 2015! If you want to contribute your ideas to future BILs,
please take our survey and let us know what you think!  Click here for the BIL Survey.  There is talk of
BIL being near SF in 2016! Have an opinion?! Let us know!! 

Watch BILders answer burning questions you wanted to ask at BIL
2015 LA!
watch video by Elisabeth deKleer     
special thanks to Elisabeth for uploading and editing all of our BIL
2016 LA video content!)
Christy Fair and Fedje Lang
have committed to leading BIL 2016 in California.  If you would like
to volunteer, during the planning stages, to get this unconference up
and running, please send an email
to bilcollaborative at gmail.com with VOLUNTEER or LEAD VOLUNTEER
in the Subject. Click here to see a few roles! There
are lots of roles available!

BIL Conference 2015 Vancouver was also a huge
success!   THANK YOU to all who contributed their
time and talents!  BIL has followed TED since 2008. Michael Cummings
led the first and second BIL that followed Ted to Canada after TED
moved in 2014. Each BIL Vancouver has been a growing success and our
community in Canada is widening! We hope to continue a flagship BIL
next to TED. 

To participate in next year's international
BIL Vancouver, visit the Vancouver website listed below for more
details! Or email michael at bilconference.com with
LEAD VOLUNTEER in the subject.

BIL Tunisia does BIL in a unique and exciting way. They have a
tight community that meets on a regular basis. They are
constantly gearing up for another BIL unconference! 

BIL has grown into a worldwide stand-alone unconference. We
have become an international movement committed to interacting and
creating what's possible. BIL exists as a vehicle for us to get
together. It's yours, mine and ours. We only grow with what people are
willing to do. 

We  love this slideshow of BIL 2015 LA photos!
watch video by Meg Strout

We hope to
see you at the
first BILFlash or
at BIL 2016!  Though that is so for away! Maybe you want to host your
own BILFlash in the mean time!  

If you have friends
who want to know more about BIL, show them the RVWBR interview.  It's an
entertaining overview of the history of BIL.  

We thank you for being a part of our community and
look forward to BILding with you in the future!


BILFlash Event Website 
Event details and links.

BILFlash Facebook Event 
Connect with
other BILders attending BIL LA:Flash

BIL Los Angeles Facebook Page
announcements from BIL Organizers.  Post here for BIL related

L.A. Facebook Group
See photos and video! Connect and share
what you're up to with other BILders new and old!

BIL Vancouver 2015 Facebook Page 
See photos
and video from Vancouver!

BIL Talks and Videos 
For the talks you missed
and individual BILder content!

Wikipedia Page




                    BIL Conference · Los Angeles, CA, United States  

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