[Noisebridge-discuss] RIP Fox Lounge

Torrie Fischer tdfischer at hackerbots.net
Wed Apr 29 04:22:53 UTC 2015

Some time ago the fabric in the Fox Lounge was taken down and dumped in a 
corner. Today I saw it used as curtains, which made me sad :(

In response, I doocratically tore apart the Fox Lounge to get a ladder in 
there. The ceiling is painted with a lovely sky blue now! I'm done for the 
night, but after $dayjob tomorrow I'll be painting some nighttime stars with 
glow in the dark paint and re installing the fabric along with some other 
hanging effects.

The couches are still in disarray while the ladder sits there and things dry. 
I'll be putting it all back when I'm done tomorrow, but I don't see much sense 
in moving it all back since I'll be having the 12' ladder all over the floor 
very soon anyways.

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