[Noisebridge-discuss] Blankets and pillows and things

Torrie Fischer tdfischer at hackerbots.net
Wed Apr 29 17:36:40 UTC 2015


Please do not sleep at Noisebridge. Discussion about it causes way too much 
emotional energy to be wasted when people could be hacking a thing. The dead 
horse of whether or not its okay to sleep at noisebridge has been beaten into 
a very fine mist at this point.

This morning I found a big bag of blankets in the pantry. It had some contact 
information on it, so I'm making an effort to contact the person directly 
before I throw it out. If the bag was on the project shelves I would be less 
grumpy since then I could delightfully turn a blind eye to this as it'd be 
part of a project or another. Instead it was hidden away in a less traveled 
portion of the space where normally only boxes of toilet paper and such goes. 
Raises a few red flags in my eyes.

Last night when moving the couches around I found another big pile of blankets 
behind it. I put them on top of a couch then put another couch on top of it. 
This morning the blankets were gone and the couches were reconfigured into a 
more stable arrangement. Having no direct evidence of sleeping, I cannot make 
a definitive claim, but, come on. I've been around the block a few times.

Don't get caught sleeping at Noisebridge. Don't leave piles of things around 
that indicate that you're sleeping at noisebridge. Be excellent and don't turn 
Noisebridge into your home. I want to hack in a space for hacking, not hack in 
someone's living room. It makes me grumpy and many others feel the same way.

If I find all these blankets in the space again I'll just throw them out and 
be even grumpier. There are other places that are specifically built to help 
starving hackers:


Noisebridge is not one of those places. Noisebridge is a space for hacking and 
I have not been convinced in the last 26 years on this planet that sleep 
hacking involves regularly sleeping at a hackerspace.

Thanks for reading my early morning rant <3

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