[Noisebridge-discuss] Proposal to open Noisebridge at sunrise

Torrie Fischer tdfischer at hackerbots.net
Thu Apr 30 21:49:20 UTC 2015

On Thursday, April 30, 2015 01:53:19 PM Harry Moreno wrote:
> Anyone object to allowing anonymous users early access to Noisebridge?

I do. Vehemently.

The set of anonymous users includes such people as Harvey, Sid, Rob 2.0, and 
other fun personalities from the 86 page. I'd be cool with giving identified 
people early access to Noisebridge. It isn't a requirement that the 
information in the database be one's True And Legal Name (as the state of 
California calls it), but merely the nym one wishes to identify as. My entries 
in there say "tdfischer" and "tdfischer at hackerbots.net". You'd be hard pressed 
to find a court of law that would accept tdfischer as my "legal" name.

I honestly don't care what name people give when they deanonymize themselves 
in the database. I only care that people can be held accountable for shitting 
in the woodshop. Consensus on all levels has it that shitting in the woodshop 
is unexcellent. If an anonymous person with a vendetta comes in and shits in 
the woodshop, how could it be prevented? Would we just hope that they don't 
shit in there again? Shouldn't it make sense that we would know who did it and 
tell the community "Hey folks, Jackhammer Jill shit in the woodshop. Don't let 
her back in."?

Being listed in the access database as "member" is just a technical 
implementation. Much like all attempts to programatically validate someone's 
Real Name as being two separate words with UTF-8 characters, it completely 
misses the reality of how things work. You still don't need to be a member to 
have 24/7 access to the door.

However, you do need the consent of Noisebridge to have it. I'm pretty much a 
hardass about consenting to that and insisting that I get to know someone and 
feel comfortable with it before I'd be cool with them having 24/7 access.

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