[Noisebridge-discuss] Proposal to open Noisebridge at sunrise

kjs bfb at riseup.net
Thu Apr 30 22:05:51 UTC 2015

Who gave sid, harvey, rob 2.0, etc. access tokens? The pool of people who are able to create access tokens is small. I argue that more critical systems fall apart in a world where we assume that someone has issued a key to folks on the 86'ed list.

On April 30, 2015 2:49:20 PM PDT, Torrie Fischer <tdfischer at hackerbots.net> wrote:
>On Thursday, April 30, 2015 01:53:19 PM Harry Moreno wrote:
>> Anyone object to allowing anonymous users early access to
>I do. Vehemently.
>The set of anonymous users includes such people as Harvey, Sid, Rob
>2.0, and 
>other fun personalities from the 86 page. I'd be cool with giving
>people early access to Noisebridge. It isn't a requirement that the 
>information in the database be one's True And Legal Name (as the state
>California calls it), but merely the nym one wishes to identify as. My
>in there say "tdfischer" and "tdfischer at hackerbots.net". You'd be hard
>to find a court of law that would accept tdfischer as my "legal" name.
>I honestly don't care what name people give when they deanonymize
>in the database. I only care that people can be held accountable for
>in the woodshop. Consensus on all levels has it that shitting in the
>is unexcellent. If an anonymous person with a vendetta comes in and
>shits in 
>the woodshop, how could it be prevented? Would we just hope that they
>shit in there again? Shouldn't it make sense that we would know who did
>it and 
>tell the community "Hey folks, Jackhammer Jill shit in the woodshop.
>Don't let 
>her back in."?
>Being listed in the access database as "member" is just a technical 
>implementation. Much like all attempts to programatically validate
>Real Name as being two separate words with UTF-8 characters, it
>misses the reality of how things work. You still don't need to be a
>member to 
>have 24/7 access to the door.
>However, you do need the consent of Noisebridge to have it. I'm pretty
>much a 
>hardass about consenting to that and insisting that I get to know
>someone and 
>feel comfortable with it before I'd be cool with them having 24/7

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