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Hey, thanks for posting this!
  Unfortunately I will be out of town this weekend or I would love to help.  I can still help by sorting stuff out and advising on which electronics and bits will be good for the NB space.  I have been the de-facto keeper of the hackershelves for some time now and donate regular valuable e-waste bits to NB.

I have a car that has some space but I couldn't really make a trip to Hayward until Thursday.  If you still need help then, do let me know.
Also, I would be willing to buy one of those flatscreens for a friend of mine - I hacked him a repaired one that is finally giving out.  Let me know if ya wanna work something out there.

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Hayhackers, the hackerspace in Hayward, never really took off.  They are emptying out their storage unit. There is some good stuff that we should be grabbing for Noisebridge. I am willing to drive up there with my truck this weekend and pick some stuff up. I'll really like if someone can come with me to help. Hit me up in Slack or email me at tman66 at gmail.com<mailto:tman66 at gmail.com> if you can help.

Also, my company is closing down a whole building.   There is lot of good furniture, bookshelves, workbenches, even some plasma TVs that can go to the space. Some of it can go into people's home if they are willing to help. I want the community to look at some of this stuff and give their opinion on the matter. The plan is to rent a truck on the weekend on August 1, 2015 and take as much stuff as we need for the space. I will need as many able hands as possible. Please contact me via slack or email me tman66 at gmail.com <mailto:tman66 at gmail.com>

Note: I helped taking a ton of crap to the junk yard during the reboot so the last thing I want is to end up with things we don't need. Click on the link below to see the pictures of some of the stuff I am thinking of bringing to the space.


- J
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