[Noisebridge-discuss] LLVM aficionados anywhere?

Jacob Fenwick jacob.fenwick at gmail.com
Fri Aug 7 03:47:27 UTC 2015

During the time of the creation of the ARPANET the Vietnam war was going on.
So to say the department of defense was good then and then went bad at some
point is specious at best.
Should those researchers that had the opportunity to get that money and
change the world have said no instead?
I think painting this as black and white is not giving it enough thought.

On Thursday, August 6, 2015, Spinach Williams <spinach.williams at gmail.com>

> On Aug 6, 2015 7:11 PM, "Jacob Fenwick" <jacob.fenwick at gmail.com
> <javascript:_e(%7B%7D,'cvml','jacob.fenwick at gmail.com');>> wrote:
> >
> > Yea, the ARPANET was total bullshit, it's too bad DARPA funded it.
> >
> > Don't help them ruin the world.
> i don't know if you've noticed the things our department of defense has
> done in the decades since tcp/ip became a thing, but it hasn't exactly been
> to the benefit of the adoring public.
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