[Noisebridge-discuss] Shelves and Lockers cleanup this wednesday

Torrie Fischer tdfischer at hackerbots.net
Mon Aug 17 17:59:42 UTC 2015

Hi, noisebridge.

The "project" shelves are full of crap that isn't labeled or maintained or
any of the nice things that keep the space tidy.

I'm guilty of this too and should be laughed at and shamed appropriately.

This week lets clean up the project shelves and lockers!

If you've got a locker and there isn't any indication that it has been
used in the last 30 days, the lock will get cut and the contents donated
to the lost and found box. The best way to indicate its use is to write a
last-modified date on it along with contact information.

Same goes for the "project" shelves. There's a big pile of yellow/orange
tags in the space that can be used to mark things.

- If it isn't tagged, it'll get tagged with today's date and a plea for
more contact information
- If it is tagged and has been around longer than 30 days, it'll get
donated to the lost and found.
- If it is very obviously trash, it'll be thrown out.
- If consensus is that an untagged project or locker is stale beyond a
month, it'll get donated to the lost and found.

I'd like to make this happen this Wednesday, a bit after we discuss plans
for the Refresh in ~2 months.

TL;DR: Come to the space before Wednesday night or reply to this thread to
make sure your shit doesn't get thrown out.


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