[Noisebridge-discuss] Review of Maker Fair 2015 build night - 2015-02-12

jarrod hicks hicksu at gmail.com
Sun Feb 15 03:28:04 UTC 2015

Here are the highlights from our first build night for the Noisebridge
Maker Faire 2015 Booth project.


We won't be meeting next week as many of us are out of town, also next
Thursday will be Five Minutes of Fame (hells ya!), so the next build night
will be Thursday February 26th, 2015. Please come!! We are learning as we
go so no worries if you haven't worked on a project like this before.

Nevertheless, we are still communicating and planning in advance of the
next build night. In the meantime I will be detailing out the table parts
and assembly. Others on the team will be working out the electrical,
electronics, and software. If you have ideas or know of good resources for
this stuff please add them to the wiki page, email me, or mention it on

The wiki page for this project is:


Please add suggestions for materials and components to the Parts and
Materials Specifications (working list) section.

If you have a project or presentation that you want to bring to Maker Faire
Please add it to the Wiki page under "Planned projects for Display and

If you have a Slack account, discussion of this project will be in the #
dirty-shop channel.

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