[Noisebridge-discuss] 3d printer extruder temp

Patrick Bogen pdbogen at cernu.us
Thu Feb 19 01:13:24 UTC 2015

Any chance you can send pictures? From your description, this are either relatively small parts, where the issue is that the layer doesn't take enough time and so doesn't cool properly; or they're larger and the temperature is *way* too high.

- Patrick 

On February 18, 2015 5:11:07 PM PST, Jean Luc Picard <atari2600a at gmail.com> wrote:
>Me again.
>Can someone check the printer's extruder temp?  I don't know if that's
>printer/firmware thing or a software thing, but I'm almost certain it's
>temp, as most prints-- while complete-- look like they were nuked for
>15secs.  Not sure if it's too high or too low, maybe it's the filament,
>IDK...symmetrical/straight shapes work just fine, but do anything else
>& it
>starts to glop &/or drag, usually straightening out on the next layer's
>pass.  Or maybe I'm throwing ONLY impossible/overshrunken designs at
>Thanks whoever redid the printer's platform weeks back-- I lost the
>address for whoever said they did it &/or I didn't thank anyone.
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- Patrick

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