[Noisebridge-discuss] 3d printer extruder temp

Patrick Bogen pdbogen at cernu.us
Thu Feb 19 03:14:40 UTC 2015

That size shouldn't really have any inherent issues. The tail seems to have some problems due to the overhang/angle, and it looks like you may have been trying to print with no infill, which would seem to account for the flaws on top.

Otherwise, the layer heights look a little big. Consider printing around 0.2mm layers, with 30% infill.

- Patrick 

On February 18, 2015 6:44:23 PM PST, Jean Luc Picard <atari2600a at gmail.com> wrote:
>MAYBE too small?
>Any chance you can send pictures? From your description, this are
>relatively small parts, where the issue is that the layer doesn't take
>enough time and so doesn't cool properly; or they're larger and the
>temperature is *way* too high.
>- Patrick
>On February 18, 2015 5:11:07 PM PST, Jean Luc Picard
><atari2600a at gmail.com>
>>Me again.
>>Can someone check the printer's extruder temp?  I don't know if that's
>>printer/firmware thing or a software thing, but I'm almost certain
>>temp, as most prints-- while complete-- look like they were nuked for
>>15secs.  Not sure if it's too high or too low, maybe it's the
>>IDK...symmetrical/straight shapes work just fine, but do anything else
>>& it
>>starts to glop &/or drag, usually straightening out on the next
>>pass.  Or maybe I'm throwing ONLY impossible/overshrunken designs at
>>Thanks whoever redid the printer's platform weeks back-- I lost the
>>address for whoever said they did it &/or I didn't thank anyone.
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>- Patrick

- Patrick

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