[Noisebridge-discuss] 86 page full name editing

Jake jake at spaz.org
Sat Feb 21 04:54:19 UTC 2015

A while ago we at Sudoroom decided to ban "Rus" for stealing.

He asked us not to and pled his innocence, but we did so anyway.

Shortly afterward, he did something bad at Noisebridge (which you can read 
about on the 86 page if you like) and he was officially banned from 
Noisebridge and thus double-banned from Sudoroom, whatever.

Anyway, he asked me in IRC to please remove his full name from the wiki:

"I'd really appreciate it if my first and last name were removed from the
  page. Rus alias "aero" would suffice, I think. I just don't want my
  potential employers stumbling onto the 86 page and seeing that I was
  fucked up at the hackerspace."

I did so and I didn't think it was a problem.  Then on 2015-1-29:
  Undo revision 46439 by Jake (talk) Adding Back Rus's full name. It's
  important for NB and other hackerspaces who we share ban info with to
  have full, unique identifiers on people we've banned.

personally, I don't think it's necessary to have his full name on the wiki 
and it could interfere with his employment.  It's not like he injured 
anyone.  Anyway at least the group should decide.

I should point out that my editing rights to the 86 page were removed, i 
don't suppose there was much discussion about that either.


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