[Noisebridge-discuss] Would there be interest in learning how to make a video game for a phone?

Torrey Nommesen torrey at nommesen.com
Sun Feb 22 05:38:15 UTC 2015

I wanted to learn how to create a video game for a phone. I don't know what
I wanted to build, but I want it to be 2D, and I would like to learn either
Haxe or Spritbuilder to do it. Would there be interest in like a class
where I would be sort of benevolent dictator for a group that teaches
itself and comes out with a video game that we all create and put out there
open source and sell in the app stores (for profit or donations to
Noisebridge or something)? Maybe meet once a week or so at Noisebridge? I
know people that use Haxe and Spritebuilder and could probably get one of
them to come to a class and do a demo for us.
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