[Noisebridge-discuss] Unfairly removed, banned without consensus, and given no warning

Jeanine Otter jeanieotter at gmail.com
Mon Feb 23 00:22:53 UTC 2015

Hi! I just wanted to share what happened to me when I was removed from the

First off, I'm a somewhat new regular in the space, coming for a couple of
years, and some people may know me for working on web mapping, and full
stack development. I also had been pumping up my event for the "Transgender
Violence Mapping Project" scheduled for Thursday.

As a student of city planning, a native Californian, a socialist, and an
activist, I am disgusted by the situation in San Francisco today. In
California, all progressive change comes from citizen led initiatives, and
I am scared of the capitalists who recently moved here, who think
capitalism and deregulation is progressive. Capitalism and deregulation are
why the tech industry is known for systemic racism, sexism, bro culture,
and worse.

I don't feel like I need to justify my politics to you all, but I want you
to know what influenced me when making propaganda directed at gentrifiers
and nouveau rich capitalists who are colonizing neighborhoods like the
Mission and the Bayview where people of color are getting kicked out.

I whipped up some propaganda and wanted to take it to the street. The first
time, I printed at a local print shop. The next time I was working on my
propaganda, it was at Noisebridge. I printed about 25 pages there.

After printing, Torrie, a member who I had talked to earlier that day, who
had disagreed with my propaganda and who justified gentrification and
removal of middle income families to me, approached my friends and I and
said "What the fuck is this? You're not welcome here and you need to
leave." As we packed our bags, Torrie and her friend stood right next to
us, glaring with their arms crossed. They followed us out the door and
glared at us as we went down the hall.

Now I noticed I'm on the 86 list. It says on there that the decision to 86
some of the people was reached by a consensus. I don't think there was any
consensus here. I will be present at the next meeting to discuss this.

I have always had a tenuous relationship with this space. In this space I
was told women are better at making babies than programmers. I have been
told that transgender people get "too butthurt about things". But because
this is a public space, I want to clean that shit up, and make this place
better. That's why I come back, and that's why I am having an event here
for Trans Women of Color here Thursday.

I understand that you may disagree with my politics, and you may think it's
not a great message, but removing an anti-gentrification activists because
it makes "some members uncomfortable" is a farce. Propaganda should make
you feel uncomfortable. And it's not my manifesto, it's just a noise in the
din surrounding the hot topic issue.

So I ask you all: Can we discuss me being 86ed, and the state of me hosting
an event in the space SOON, because I need to know if I need to find a new
venue. I also would like to discuss the inappropriate actions of Torrie.
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