[Noisebridge-discuss] Opening Spaces @ The Last Bastion of Freedom [2 blocks from Noisebridge]

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Sat Jan 3 23:04:18 UTC 2015

We're sending out a new 0-day message across this list for all of you
noise bois and bridge babes looking for a new place to hack. 

## The House

In late 2011 the bomb dropped and we signed the lease to the last
bastion of freedom. After 3 rocking years some of our most trusted
companions are going down the yellow brick road. Now every
keyboard-picking, solenoid swingin' opportunist who should hear this
call echoing across the net... The house needs new crew.

## (Some) Existing Crew
Some other noisebridge members who you may be familiar with include:

    * mischief (Nick): Noisebridge's favorite roguish rapscallion
    setup: https://github.com/mischief $$ vim  $$ tabs

    * zetavolt (Zephyr): "... and greatest swordsman in the world".
    setup: https://github.com/zv       $$ emacs $$ spaces

Both of us have been members pre-reboot.

## The Setup
Rent works out to ~ 500-700 a month depending on the number of people
and how much food and electricity we used.

We get regular food drops through Instacart, as you might imagine we
have a form you can fill out and recieve food.

We are considerably more socially cohesive than an average roommate
situation in San Francisco. I could start and not stop talking about all
the ways this is true so it may be easier to think of us as a microcosm
of your favorite people from noisebridge, living together.

It almost goes without saying, considering our constituency, but we are
activist/wierdo/queer-friendly, we're doacratically run by the residents
and committed to advancing the community and electronic media at large.

## Contact
Questions? Want to come see the place? Contact me anytime and I'll try
to respond as quickly as possible.

If someone you think is rad but not subscribed to discuss is looking for
a place -- send them our way!

### IRC
zv @ irc.freenode.net, idling on #noisebridge

### Email
If you're interested send me an email at zephyr.pellerin at gmail.com or
zv at nxvr.org (Although you may want to CC to gmail if you send here, I
will be working on the mta box throughout the week).
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