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In case the excellent people of noisebridge would like to join as well,
forwarding along.


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Hi all,

This Sunday I'm going to the Greenpeace warehouse to help build art,
structures, paint banners, paint puppets, canoes etc for the upcoming
big giant Oakland climate march in February, protesting Gov Brown's
expansion of fracking.

We need your help. Meeting at the Greenpeace Warehouse, 955 7th St.,
Oakland this Sunday.

I'll be there from 11am-2pm. Let me know if you need a ride; I'd be
happy to help. Also let me know if you're coming. It's accessible, too.

My friend David Solnit is organizing it, and he's a fantastic artist
(did all the art for the massive climate march in NYC in 2014).

If you've never been to the Greenpeace warehouse, it's pretty awesome.
They have all kinds of crazy equipment + artifacts from GP missions and
Oakland protests past. Please join us, even just for an hour :) See
another cool space and learn about California's changing energy economy.


PS: Please forward this to whoever might be interested! More info:


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