[Noisebridge-discuss] Reboot funds postmortem

Patrick O'Doherty p at trickod.com
Mon Jan 19 03:46:55 UTC 2015

Hey all,

This email is meant to answer the following question:
"But wait, hold on. Didn't we just raise $27,277 in that Reboot IndieGoGo?"

Correct. And we spent it all, and a little bit beyond that. Here's a rough

* $1,347 in stickers for IndieGoGo and restocking
* $4,800 for new t-shirts and hoodies
* $23,000 in electrical work
* $2,500 for paint, drywall, safety supplies, tools

Even including that, hundreds of others contributed countless hours,
dollars, and energy to our big Reboot.

Though more impressively is what all we got done: (in no particular order)
  * Refinished every square inch of the floors, scrubbing on our knees!
  * Painted walls, added a bunch of amazing new artwork by local artists
  * Ran 2,000+ ft of CAT5 and... and we even terminated and tested it!
  * Downsized the kitchen, making it into a coffee-shop style space with
    neat Chromebox terminals for general use.
  * Beautified the shop. It's amazing. Really you should drop by and marvel
    in the glow of the Applejack colored walls.
  * Disposed of over **5 tons** of eWaste. For reference that's the weight
    of 3.5 DeLoreans
  * Kitted out every class space w/ AV setups with projectors with every
    video connection known to mankind and mounted speakers.
  * Fixed the 3D printer!!
  * We removed a ton of hidey-holes in the space.  Coincidentally and
    *totally unrelated* to that we seem to have misplaced our resident
    "sleep hacking" population.
  * Had some good heart to hearts about the community and how important
    Noisebridge being a Safe Space is for us.

The reboot was not just physical, it has sparked a fucking awesome wave of
cultural growth.  We've rethought our physical and cultural firewall
rules, and the space is safe, wonderful place to be, filled with lots of
amazing hackers of all sorts.

If you haven't been at the space in a while I'd **really** encourage you to
come by and see the change.


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