[Noisebridge-discuss] Shop Safety Class: Wednesday, February 21st at 7 PM

Torrie Fischer tdfischer at hackerbots.net
Wed Jan 28 04:03:11 UTC 2015

Remember the last time we had a shop safety class? The one where nobody got 
hurt and everyone walked away with a healthier respect for the sharp pointy 
bits on tools and how to keep them away from the meaty blood-filled bits?


Good times!

Lets have another one! I'll even copypasta the last e-mail here because I 
thought it was clever and I'm not feeling creative enough to write another 

Did you know that Noisebridge has a dirty shop?

Do you know about all the wonderful tools and equipment it is filled with?

Do you know how to use the tools and equipment in there?

Do you know how to *safely* use the tools and equipment in there?

I'd like to host a tour of the shop and provide a comprehensive lesson in shop 
safety on Wednesday the 21st of February at 7:00 PM

* The safety gear you'll want to use
* Where the safety gear is
* What tools we have
* Where the sharp bits are on tools
* How to safely handle the sharp bits on tools
* Demonstrations of safely using the sharp bits on tools
* Not getting blood on everything
* What to do when you get blood on everything[1]

If you're keen on keeping your current configuration of limb attachments 
unchanged, it would be Super Excellent to show up on that Thursday :)

This workshop is intended for everyone from experienced craftspeople to 
newbies still unsure of the difference between a planer and a sander. Even if 
you consider yourself a professional, you should come! Everyone can use a 
refresher every now and then.

[1]No blood, real or imagined will be part of any demonstration

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