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Subject: SpaceFED - Noisebridge
Date: Sun, 5 Jul 2015 18:50:40 -0300
From: Fernando Frediani <fhfrediani at gmail.com>
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Hi there,

I am from a Hackerspace in Brazil - LHC (Hacker Laboratory from Campinas)
and I'm writing to invite you to joing SpaceFED (
https://spacefed.net/wiki/index.php/SpaceFED) which is a federated
authentication platform inter-hackerspaces which offers authentication
using RADIUS for Wifi.

LHC participates in this platform offering wifi access to its members and
visitors through spacenet network where any visitor which holds a username
and password issued by your local hackerspace can authenticate his/her
devices in a secure way and with individual cryptography, therefore being a
more secure way of connection between user's device and the Access Point
than the tradidional WPA2-PSK.
Any visitor from other participating hackerspaces from SpaceFED platform is
also able of authenticating utilizing his/her own username and password
issued by his home hackersapce.
Spacenet network is also available in events as CCC which brings together
several hackerspaces from all around the around.
To know more which hackerspaces and events spacenet is available check:

LHC is also the Country node for .br domains. In US it seems to be one
Country Node already which you can possibily join it.

The server configuration which runs FreeRADIUS and OpenLDAP is relativelly
simple and doesn't require much resources either CPU or network. Even a
small VPS can do the job.

Also it is possible to use the same user base from OpenLDAP for other local
services you may have on your hackerspace like File Server, VPN, Wiki, etc.
If you already have an Active Directory in place this can be used instead
of OpenLDAP.

I'm available if you have any questions and interest in joining so I can
introduce to other Country Node admins through email-list we use to
communicate and help with the arrangements to bring yourselves online.

Best regards,

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