[Noisebridge-discuss] [3D Printing] Airtripper Extruder BSP Vitamins

pdbogen at cernu.us pdbogen at cernu.us
Thu Jul 23 17:24:47 UTC 2015

Hullo, you 3D printerers out there.

I just ordered a bunch of bits and pieces (screws, random tubing, push-fit 
fittings, etc.) to build a handful of Airtripper BSP bowden extruders. I have 
more parts than I need simply because of the minimum quantities available; 
enough to build at least 5-6 extra extruders.

If anybody is interested, I'll be happy to assemble kits and make them 
available for only my cost in materials. I won't be providing 3D-printed 
parts, which you might be able to print yourself; but if you really want them 
we can work something out.

Anyway, let me know. I can swing by Noisebridge most weekday evenings to swap 

It may be a month or so until I have everything; it appears that some of the 
various bolts are coming from China.
Patrick Bogen .
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