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Hey Ozzie,
This is totally fine to do at Noisebridge!  If there are no conflicts with other events at the space, please add the Small workathon under the "Events" section on the main page of the noisebridge.net wiki.  And post about it on the Discussion and Announce email lists.

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Subject: [Noisebridge-discuss] Small workathon this Sunday

Hello all,
I've been a frequent Noisebridge attendee.  I'm also part of .impact, a collective that works on useful technical/analytical projects, specifically ones somewhat related to Effective Altruism.  You can see some information about the group here.
Recently we've started trying out mini-workathons, which are like hackathons but more focused on shared time to work on existing projects rather than try new experiments.  These have gone on for 4 hours each Sunday for the last 3 Sundays, from 12-4pm Pacific time (others in other states/countries join in as well, but we have a nice base in SF).
These events are open to the public and we try to encourage everyone to collaborate with us.  We film the introductions and closing comments, though of course with permission from everyone involved (if someone were to complain we could not do this for everyone).  You can see examples here and here. 
I was thinking of hosting the event at Noisebridge this Sunday at 12-4pm.  It's pretty small, I would expect between 4-9 attendees total.  The event is completely free, and I would be sure to encourage others in the group to donate to Noisebridge as part of the event.  In terms of space, we don't need a full room (though it would be nice), and could find room wherever is available then.  
I'm curious what the general community thoughts are on this.  I think it could be a nice fit for Noisebridge, but if there are any specific objections I would understand.  I realize this is later notice than ideal, but it is also a small gathering.  If people are ok with it, I'll add it to the Noisebridge calendar for this Sunday.
Cheers,Ozzie Gooen

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