[Noisebridge-discuss] Is Noisebridge Alive? How to tell!

kjs bfb at riseup.net
Fri Jun 5 01:30:24 UTC 2015

Is ASCII Portal ASCII cam rebranded? If so, many concerns have been raised at the last two weekly meetings. I suggest further discussion is needed before repointing a camera at the hackatorium.

The other answers to this question resemble alternatives brought up at the same meetings. I prefer the switch for its opt in ability. 


On June 4, 2015 6:05:56 PM PDT, Rubin Abdi <rubin at starset.net> wrote:
>Hi there.
>In an effort to make Noisebridge more awesome, some of us have been
>trying to help solve the age old question of, "Is anyone at Noisebridge
>there to let me in?" or in other words, "Is Noisebridge alive?"
>We've got three solutions brewing that'll hopefully help with this
>- Sentient Door
>- Semaphore Switch
>- ASCII Portal
>The idea with all these solutions is to basically tell someone visiting
>if the space currently has activity or not without de-anonymizing
>Sentient Door will be a time stamp of when the door up stairs was last
>mechanistically opened, we're going to achieve this with a simple
>door/window sensor. Semaphore Switch will be a switch that you can
>physically flip on or off to activate or kill a virtual OPEN sign.
>Lastly the ASCII Portal is a purely in ASCII lowfi store front window
>into Noisebridge, if there's a blob of extra Q and T characters sitting
>at a Hackitorium table then that might be a hacker on a laptop, or a
>mongoose eating pie (regardless, there's a good chance they'll buzz you
>Not everything is working yet, but eventually they'll all show up
>Beyond that we're totally open to new ideas and neat tricks on
>and communicating awesome activity at Noisebridge without violating
>people's privacy.

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