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Fri Jun 5 05:26:26 UTC 2015

+1 to not at the Tuesday meeting.  The Tuesday meeting should be for
chatting, really about nothing.  Consensus should be reached LONG before it
even comes to the meeting, including ironing out any details.  Discussions
such as this should only be brought to that meeting when it is in it's
final form.  KJS, how about a specific time, maybe on a different day,
different time or a different place at the same exact time as the meeting?
This way we can come to an agreement on all the details and concerns of the
community.  Mind you this should be a public meeting and in person but not
the weekly meeting.  Does that sound reasonable?  I would even love to
perhaps moderate this since I have no stake either way!

On Thu, Jun 4, 2015 at 7:55 PM, Torrie Fischer <tdfischer at hackerbots.net>

> Hei, kevin.
> I'm curious why there is such a strong push for discussion about this
> instead
> of doocratically doing a thing about the camera.
> Wire snips are in the toolbox.
> If thats not a good course of action, might I suggest having a face to face
> talk with those of us involved with the camera? People don't come to
> Tuesday
> meetings to hear well intentioned people get super emotionally involved and
> have at each other in the worst way.
> On Thursday, June 04, 2015 06:30:24 PM kjs wrote:
> > Is ASCII Portal ASCII cam rebranded? If so, many concerns have been
> raised
> > at the last two weekly meetings. I suggest further discussion is needed
> > before repointing a camera at the hackatorium.
> >
> > The other answers to this question resemble alternatives brought up at
> the
> > same meetings. I prefer the switch for its opt in ability.
> >
> > -Kevin
> >
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